12/09/2013 02:24 EST

Dating Coworkers: What Happens When Ballet Dancers Date

It's almost impossible to watch a dance performance without wondering for a moment what goes on behind the scenes in the dancers' love lives. Between the caressing, the pained expressions and the very tight holds, the likelihood of love goes beyond whatever is being performed on stage.

In this week's episode of AOL's City.Ballet web series, those questions are finally answered, and it's just as gossipy as you might hope. The New York City Ballet dancers interviewed explain their relationships are basically inevitable, given the interactions they have on a daily basis, and the unique stresses only other ballet dancers can understand (take that as a warning, mere humans).

And then, of course, there's the attractiveness factor.

"I mean, you're surrounded by beautiful people every day," says principal dancer Chase Finlay. "You get so comfortable with them that ... you know, why not, let's date."

We love the inside look at these dancers' real lives, and hope there's a follow-up featuring the gay relationships at the company too. And we're not embarrassed to admit it — we were waiting for executive producer's Sarah Jessica Parker's "I couldn't help but wonder ..." to really set the "how love works" scene. Next time, SJP?

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