12/09/2013 07:39 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Be A Fibre Advocate: Fighting For Fibre In The Workplace

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The workplace can be a perilous place for our health: sitting all day, coffee everywhere, and that’s not even taking into account all the food. Because, of course, someone baked a triple chocolate cake and happened to have enough leftovers to feed the whole office floor. It is a tough time out there for the conscientious eater. Incorporating a balanced diet into a hectic, if not overly booked, schedule can feel extremely tough to accomplish.

Being a bit of a fibre activist in the workplace can make getting on the path of dietary good much easier. Here are a few ways in which fibre can benefit both you and your co-workers at work.

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Fibre is actually in delicious things

Fibre, especially in fruit, does not just appear in prunes. Sure, prunes are totally okay for people who like them, but if you are into something a little bit different for a pre-lunch snack, why not try some raspberries, peaches, papayas, or bananas? Certain fruits are packed with fibre and can give your system a bit of a boost during a sluggish work day by allowing all those good nutrient vibes into your body.

It’s not just for old people

This misconception is as wrong as it is insane. Attaching an “old age” label to a type of food rich in nutrients that may or may help with any and all bowel problems is straight up crazy talk. Fibre is pretty much everywhere, all the time, and it does not care what age you are; it will come for you.

No, really, it is in a lot of foods we consume on a daily basis: fruit, vegetables, and whole grain products. A number of vegetables and lentils and beans are rich in fibre, leaving your system all happy and kind of cleansed. A vegetable platter at lunch will leave your system happy and healthy. A dietary plan to ensure good digestive health isn`t just for old people: it’s for everyone.

Cubicle Butt: A Horror Story

Living the sedentary life isn’t really the grandest, but it is one we’re unfortunately accustomed to. Having replacing hard labour with clacking away at keyboards, our bodies have become mushier, floppier, and generally not that great.

One of the myths about fibre is that it can’t really help with weight loss. Thankfully, this is untrue. Eating foods with higher amounts of fibre will keep you fuller longer and curb any cravings for a midday chocolate-y snack of deliciousness. With a proper balance of food and exercise, there is no way cubicle life should get you down.

That office cold going around might pass you by

No one likes to get sick, it’s only the perks of being sick we are kind of okay with: lying around, watching bad daytime television, generally being taken care of. However, resembling a beached whale becomes a bit of a bore, especially if this happens often. If one person gets sick at work, chances are an entire team will be hit with the illness before the end of the week, which means weak immune systems all around. Adding higher amounts of fibre to your diet will help prevent that illness from sneaking its way into your body. Almost 50 per cent of immune system health is directly related to digestive health. So, if you are not taking care of your digestion (i.e. eating fibre), grab that box of tissues, because that cold is coming for you.