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Christmas Deadlines 2013: When Is The Last Date For Dec. 25 Delivery?

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Desperately writing out the last of those Christmas cards? Well, depending on where you're located in Canada (and for that matter, where those cards are heading to), you're right on time. For Canadians mailing packages using the most economical method, December 11 is the date, while for cards, you have until December 17 for anywhere in the country.

Mailing deadlines for Christmas cards and packages have come up before most people realized they even needed to get their shopping done. The quick and easy rule is to use American Thanksgiving as a guideline for writing out those annual updates, notes stationery company Tiny Prints, and the second week in December is really your last chance to acceptably put them in the mailbox.

If you're looking for specifics on international mailings, Canada Post has a comprehensive site that showcases your mail-by dates for various locations around the world. Using regular mail, it looks like you're already too late for most spots, but if you plan to go with their (premium priced) Priority plan, you can mail items to Europe and Asia as late as December 19, and within Canada, as late as December 23.

In the meantime, Free Shipping Day in Canada is coming up on December 12, with almost 250 retailers signed on to guarantee delivery by Christmas Eve. So while we aren't necessarily encouraging procrastination, we're all breathing a sigh of relief that, yes, we do have a little bit longer to get our stuff together.

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