12/10/2013 06:35 EST | Updated 12/11/2013 11:53 EST

10 Dead Sea Facts To Remember For This Travel Tuesday

Elan Fleisher via Getty Images

The Dead Sea may sound like something out of a "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie but the reality is quite the opposite.

It's actually not a sea, nor is it really dead. But what it lacks in an accurate name it makes up with a couple of nifty facts, facts worthy of making it your #TravelTuesday destination for the week.

So there you have it: what sounds like the nickname for a watery grave is actually a salty lake with beautifying and healing properties. Where do you want to spend your next #TravelTuesday? Let us know in the comments below.

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Brian Vinh Tien Trinh is Huffington Post Canada's Travel Editor. His trip to Israel was sponsored by Israel's Ministry of Tourism.

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