12/10/2013 12:57 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

ICBC Vanity Licence Plate Rejections (PHOTOS)

What does ICBC have against the Wu-Tang Clan? Enough to say that putting "WU TANG" on a licence plate is in bad taste.

And that's just one of many licence plate rejections that have been uncovered by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation after its B.C. director, Jordan Bateman, obtained the rejected plates through a Freedom of Information request .

Bateman grouped the plates together in an Excel spreadsheet, grouping them into the categories by which they were rejected.

Plates rejected for simple bad taste included "WU TANG," "DMN," "RIP ODB" (does ICBC have something against rappers?) and "HELL-YA."

Check out some licence plates that have been rejected by ICBC. The story continues below the slideshow:

Some of the requests rejected for being too offensive are pretty clearly so— "KKK", "FUBAR" ... What were these people thinking?

But you can hardly blame those who thought their car plate would be a fine place to show pride in their country. Imagine how they felt to have CANADA rejected for being political?

ICBC spokesman Adam Grossman told Global News that the insurance provider will reject personalized licence plates that are deemed too "vulgar, indecent or offensive to anyone."

"A few types of slogans that are unacceptable are those that conflict with a current regular plate series, slogans with religious or sexual overtones, or those that promote illegal, crude, alcohol or speed/racing-related connotations.”

B.C. is far from the only place where rejected vanity plates have generated controversy.

Last year, a man from New Mexico had his licence plate "IB6UB9" revoked by the Santa Fe Motor Vehicle Division.

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