12/10/2013 06:28 EST | Updated 12/10/2013 07:47 EST

Rodger Cuzner's 'Twas The Week Before Christmas' Poem Lampoons Senate Scandal, Rob Ford (VIDEO)

Gather round, Parliament Hill watchers,

For MP Rodger Cuzner’s annual tale,

With mentions of Rob Ford and the Senate,

All peppered in fail.

Follow along with the full text below:

T’was the week before Christmas and the prime minister’s cast,

Were haunted by the scandals of ghosts from his pasts.

The PM denied when the first ghosts came calling,

That was Duffy, Brazeau, and Pamela Wallin.

They attacked allegations with Yuletide vendettas,

By stretching the truth and talking point-settias.

The next ghost wrote a cheque that caused quite a fuss,

In no time at all he was under the bus.

They tried what they could to keep it from worsening,

But then Deloitte called, got a call from Senator Gerstein.

The emails police found that the boss wasn’t sharing,

That was thanks to the ghost of Benjamin Perrin.

Rob Ford’s an old ghost that no one’s enjoying,

He’s not really scary anymore, so he’s just annoying.

But it’s ghosts of the future who could possibly threaten,

Think Tkachuk, Stewart Olsen and Marjory LeBreton.

Like Dicken’s great tale of the bitter old miser,

We’d expect those in power to conduct themselves wiser.

The truth will come out, we hope and we pray,

Cuz Canadians know,

Even Scrooge found his way.

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