12/10/2013 06:17 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Shark Fin Soup Protest At Sun Sui Wah Stepped Up With Posters

Shark fin soup opponents in Vancouver are stepping up their action against a Chinese eatery with a hard-hitting poster campaign.

The Vancouver Animal Defense League is urging a boycott of Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant on Main Street over the continued presence of the controversial dish on its menu.

The campaign is in addition to a protest they have been staging outside the restaurant every Friday for the last eight months, Global News reported.

"Our goal is to direct their business to other restaurants that have taken shark fin soup off the menu or just do not carry it," spokesperson Marley Daviduk told the network.

And the restaurant is feeling the heat. A supervisor who identified himself simply as Winston to Global, said the protests may have caused Sun Sui Wah to lose customers.

The group began protesting outside the business in March after ending a separate campaign against Fortune Garden Restaurant, where demonstrations carried on for eight months before the dish was removed from its menu, The Vancouver Courier reported in May.

Efforts to ban shark fin soup at government levels in Canada have proven unsuccessful.

The federal government voted against NDP MP Fin Donnelly's private member's bill to ban the importing of shark fins to Canada last March.

Vancouver Coun. Kerry Jang campaigned for a shark fin ban in the city last year, but those efforts were put on the backburner after the Ontario Supreme Court ruled against a similar prohibition in Toronto, 24 Hours Vancouver reported.

Jang's attempt provoked heated reactions, with David Chung, owner of Richmond's Jade Seafood Restaurant, calling him a "banana" in response to his campaigning.

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