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7 Travel Trends To Watch In 2014 According To Condé Nast Traveler US Magazine

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(Relaxnews) - Gastronomic pilgrimages, European river cruises, and South America are among some of the major travel trends predicted to define 2014 by Condé Nast Traveler US magazine.

According to the publication’s travel advice columnist and consumer news editor Wendy Perrin, 2014 will belong to South America, with countries like Brazil, Peru, Chile and Colombia on many a globetrotter’s to-do list.

With anticipation of the World Cup growing in a steady crescendo, it goes without saying that Brazil will snag a major share of the international spotlight next year.

But the continent is also garnering attention for its food offerings, dynamism, energy and the beauty of its natural heritage, Perrin points out.

Peru, for instance, has become known as the gastronomic capital of South America for its innovative, Asian-fusion cuisine and colourful flavour palate, propelled by celebrity chef and Peruvian ambassador to the world Gaston Acurio.

Travel demand has also birthed hot boutique hotels across Santiago, while Colombia is drawing interest among adventure seekers, nature lovers and enthusiasts of Latin culture.

Here’s a selection of Condé Nast Traveler’s top travel trends for 2014:

-Airfare wars will cause ticket prices to go down within the US.

-The ongoing obsession with authentic, regional cuisine will inspire more travellers to undertake purely culinary vacations around the world.

-Next year, 25 new vessels will hit European waterways to meet rising demand for river cruises which take guests along scenic, meandering routes. Unlike cruises, river cruises normally always have land and countryside within view.

-Child-friendly safari packages are being created to meet rising demand for family packages.

-Travellers will continue to seek out vacation rentals and luxury villas in place of the sterility of hotel rooms.

-Hotels will increasingly use Instagram as an advertising and communication platform with guests.

-Travlelers will tack on added destinations by extending their layovers.

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