12/11/2013 11:10 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Gibonni's '20th Century Man' Record Is Made Out Of Chocolate. Yes, Really


Music critics often use terms like smooth and sweet to describe songs or albums, but in the case of Croatian rock star Gibonni it has taken on a whole new meaning.

Tone Deaf reports the musician has released a song entitled "20th Century Man" on chocolate. Yes, melt in your mouth chocolate.

"When I heard of the possibility of making the chocolate version I did not want to miss the opportunity," the musician born Zlatan Stipisic says. "I read that chocolate contains a hormone of happiness and boosts your libido, so I thought it was a perfect combination for the rock based on music we loved in the 1980s. I widened my fan base by singing in English. Now perhaps I will widen it even more when they realize they can eat it after listening."

chocolate album 1

The 33' album will play on a proper turntable for a few plays before it should be eaten. The single -- which the Croatian Times says was created by chocolate makers Nadalina -- was launched at a special "mass eat-in" at Vienna's Gasometer Hall on Nov. 29. There's no word if fans can order the chocolate album internationally but a safer bet might be to listen online and eat a chocolate bar while you do.

Gibonni isn't even the pioneer when it comes to chocolate albums as French musician Breakbot issued music in a chocolate format in 2012, which was available at Paris outlet Colette. Discogs says the single "By Your Side" was released with one side being chocolate and limited to a mere 120 copies.

And although it's not Gibonni's song, this YouTube clip shows a chocolate album being put on a turntable and played.

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