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Edmonton Police Launch Pinterest Site For Stolen Goods (PHOTOS)

Someone steal your valuable stuff and not you're quite sure where to look?

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has launched a Pinterest page, posting stolen items they've recovered in the hopes of reuniting people with their belongings.

According to Global News, the page, which EPS launched earlier this week, features some of the more unique items seized by police.

If a user spots their stolen item on the page, they can email police who will ask for specific, identifying information about the item or proof of ownership.

Investigators on the other end will then go through these emails,” Carolin Maran, EPS web and social media coordinator told Global.

“Those emails that have specific details will receive a response, and those that do not will also receive a response indicating that more information may be required."

After police recovered two shipping crates full of stolen goods worth over $100,000 earlier this year, reports the Edmonton Journal, some of those items have been posted to the page, including an alligator head and a jackalope.

Other unusual items include bison taxidermy, fur rugs and dirt bikes.

The Victoria Police Department in B.C. has a similar page, titled "Is This Yours?" were people can find items like wedding photos, power tools and dozens of bikes.

“The reality is that at least they’re trying new methods, new ways to help people get their goods recovered,” Ray Bilodeau, a marketing instructor with NAIT, told Metro.

Weird Items On The EPS Pinterest Page
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