12/11/2013 01:56 EST | Updated 12/11/2013 02:12 EST

Hipsters World Tour Infographic Is Your Guide To Global Try-Hards


The habits of North American hipsters are already well-documented thanks to Yelp, but what about hipsters around the world? Surely there must be some differentiating factor that separates a hipster in Berlin from a hipster in Sydney.

Well, not according to Movehub's infographic on hipsters of the world. It seems hipsters' preference for Pabst, pretentiousness and picking kim chi transcends borders.

The infographic breaks down the favourite interests, eats and drinks of hipsters in several cities and includes a section for "special hipster points." Apparently you're not a hipster in Stockholm until you have a baby and a Boston terrier.

You can take a look at Movehub's take on the hipsters of the world below. But be warned: plenty of cringe-worthy facial hair lies ahead.

Hipsters: The World Tour
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