12/11/2013 02:28 EST | Updated 12/11/2013 02:28 EST

The Rob Ford Animation To End All Rob Ford Animations (VIDEO)

Seriously though, we really, really, really hope this is the last Rob Ford animation we're going to see.

It certainly took enough time and effort to produce. According to Global News, it required a team of 10 working for two weeks to complete the 90-second stop-motion animation.

But the man who spearheaded the project, Cuppa Coffee Studios president Adam Shaheen, told the Toronto Sun he's praying the film won't mark the end of the scandal.

"Too many people depend on Ford for a livelihood," Shaheen said. "There are cartoonists, reporters, late-night talk show hosts, video producers… they all have to eat and pay their bills too."

It seems the mayor may soon have a team of entertainment lobbyists at city hall pushing to keep him in office.

God help us all.

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