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Secret Santa Gift Ideas: 15 Presents For Your Office Secret Santa

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What do you get for the boss who has everything? Or the guy in accounting you know nothing about? These are just a couple of the dilemmas racing through your mind as you shop overtime for a holiday gift exchange at work.

Assuming your office has capped the Secret Santa limit at $20 (and if they haven't, can we get into your business?), here are 15 gift ideas that will impress — and ensure you won’t have to grab staplers from the office supply room for a last-minute option.

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The Perfect Tea Mug

Price: $19.50

Where to buy: David's Tea

These days, it’s not enough to just drink tea – you want to drink trendy, brand-name tea. Let your Secret Santa proudly strut around the office with their new "Perfect Tea" mug. It comes with a heat-insulating lid and includes a stainless steel infuser. The mug is microwave safe, but remind your co-worker not to put the steel infuser in there at the same time – unless you enjoy attending workplace safety meetings.

Water Bobble

Price: $12

Where to buy: Bobble

If you have a colleague that drinks gallons of water every day, then they’ll appreciate a Water Bobble. The Bobble features an innovative cap that filters and removes chlorine and organic contaminants from tap water – meaning this $20 gift will actually save your co-worker hundreds of dollars a year in bottled water. The Bobble is also BPA-free, and free of Phthalates and PVC.

Nexxtech Combination Stylus and Ink Pen

Price: $14.99

Where to buy: The Source

This is for the co-worker who likes to take their tablet device and notebook to meetings. The Nexxtech combo stylus and ink pen allows them to switch between jotting things down on their tablet and writing down ideas in their notebook. Do not gift this to co-workers who likes to chew on their pens.

Moleskine Weekly Notebook

Price: $15.95

Where to buy: Moleskine shop

If you have a co-worker who always misses meetings or lunch dates, send them a subtle yet classy looking hint with a Moleskine Weekly Notebook. In the interior pocket there are 225 adhesive labels usable to mark important dates and deadlines – thus eliminating their excuses for the rest of the year.

Glass Terrarium

Price: $14

Where to buy: West Elm

There’s always someone in the office who fancies themself an expert gardener – except every plant they bring to work eventual dies, due to neglect. Help your colleague lose their “Plant Killer” label with low maintenance terrariums made from hand blown glass. They can be hung or sit on a flat surface.

Mini Business Card File Cabinet

Price: $12.99

Where to buy: ThinkGeek

The Mini Business Card File Cabinet holds up to five hundred business cards. And this mini filing cabinet is just not for show – it is a functional replica of the real thing. Two drawers pull out, featuring tiny lettered tabs to help you find cards quickly.

Skullcandy Ink'd In-Ear Headphones With Microphone (S2IKDY-043)

Price: $19.99

Where to buy:

Here’s your chance to silence that co-worker who plays music at low volume on his smartphone, thinking it can't bother anyone within earshot. Now you can tune/help them out with the Skullcandy INK'D ear buds. The headphones even have a built-in mic so your co-worker can take phone calls without having to picking up the phone.

Swingasan® Phone Holder

Price: $16.00

Where to buy: Pier 1

The Swingasan Phone Holder is ideal for the co-worker who is always losing his or her phone. They won’t be able to misplace their phone ever again if it sits in the beautiful, hand-woven mini swing. However, you may miss the regular process of your co-worker asking you to call their number so they can locate the phone. You won't miss getting to hear their Katy Perry ringtone, buried in the sofa.

Gifts & Decor Tabletop Zen Sand Rocks Candle Holder Rake Garden Kit

Price: $13.00

Where to buy:

Help your co-worker find their inner peace during the most stressful times at work by letting them retreat to their own personal Japanese rock garden at their desk. The set comes with a compact wooden-base tabletop box with sand, mini-rocks, mini-candleholder, and mini-rake, to calm big problems.

Revolving 6-photo Display Cube

Price: from $9

Where to buy:

Everyone likes to show off pictures of their family at work. Now your co-worker cannot only show off their beautiful kin, they can also show off the beautiful frame that holds the pictures. The Revolving Display Cube does exactly what its name suggests. It spins on its own, giving your co-worker a chance to show off six photos of their family in seconds – freeing up more time for you to get back to work.

The Selfie

Price: $20

Where to buy: Urban Outfitters

Finally, an invention for the co-worker who loves to take “selfies” on their smartphones at company parties. The Selfie from Urban Outfitters just made their updates that much easier to showcase.

The Daily Mood Flip Chart

Price: $9.49

Where to buy: PerpetualKid

This gift is tailor-made for the co-worker who doesn’t really show much emotion in the office. The Daily Mood Flip Chart is a fun way for that reclusive co-worker to open up a bit and let you know exactly how they’re feeling at the moment. There are 47 moods to choose from, each with its own smiley, along with a snarky definition and fascinating facts.

Money Savvy Piggy Bank

Price: $9.99

Where to buy: Showcase

This is for the co-worker who never seems to have enough change to join you on a Starbucks run. The Money Savvy Piggy Bank is divided up into Save, Spend, Donate, and Invest chambers to help your co-worker save more efficiently. They might end up saving so much money at work that they’ll finally treat you to lunch.

Kate Spade Sticky Note Set

Price: $16

Where to buy: Kate Spade

Imagine coming back to your work station after lunch to find a stylish Kate Spade sticky note on your computer screen, telling you to: “Please come see me immediately”. You’d be too much in awe of the beauty of the note to even worry about how much trouble you could be in.

Garrison USB Fan, 4-in

Price: $12.99

Where to buy: Canadian Tire

If things start getting hot under the collar at work, your co-worker will always be thankful for their Garrison USB fan. Since it is a USB fan, your co-worker can plug it into their lap top and cool down during hotly contested meetings.

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