12/11/2013 11:51 EST

If Ex-Girlfriends Were Shoes, They Would Look Something Like This (PHOTOS)


When you break up with someone, or vice versa, what are some of the ways you cope with the loss?

Some people get drastic haircuts, change their phone numbers, eat lots of ice cream (hello!) or start dating right away.

Not Sebastian Errazuriz. The New York-based Chilean artist debuted a collection of women's shoes at Art Basel this week called" 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers" which were inspired by his ex-girlfriends and lovers. (Apparently, some people get super productive after a break-up!)

Each shoe, which are spectacular feats of design, reveal a glimpse into the relationship that Errazuriz had with the particular woman and are accompanied by photos and a paragraph or short story about the ex.

Take the shoe called "The Rock" - named after ex-girlfriend "Alice" (names are changed to protect their identity), the footwear literally looks like a shoe carved out of black stone.

There's also the "Ice Queen" which is an all-white shoe with a series of sharp icicles and the "Honey" which was made out of materials to look like beeswax.

Many of the shoes aren't very creative, such as the "Jet Setter" (a shoe that replaces the heel with a plane) and some can be considered offensive (see "Hot B****," "Cry Baby" and "Gold Digger").

“When I started this process I never imagined where it would end up," explained Errazuriz on his blog. "it’s been infinitely more complex, revealing and difficult than I thought."

Shoes aside, some critics are a bit upset about the fact that the designer posted nude photos of the women to accompany the stories without their permission, although Errazuriz defended his actions saying that no faces are shown. Hmmmm.

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12 Shoes For 12 Lovers