12/12/2013 12:14 EST

B.C. Anti-Gang Campaign Taps The Emotions (VIDEO, PHOTOS, POLL)

B.C.'s Combined Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU-BC) is tapping the emotions in an effort to encourage gangsters to abandon their dangerous lifestyles.

"End Gang Life" has rolled out three posters, three videos and three radio PSAs as part of a campaign released Wednesday that aims to provide youth with new perspectives on what gangs really are and make gangsters give a second thought to their choices.

One of the posters shows a girl sitting alone on a swing over a dead body surrounded by police tape; another poster shows two boys digging a grave with the tagline, "Are they going to bury you?"; yet another poster shows a girl standing over a grave that reads, "'Daddy,' Son, Husband, Gangster, May We Now Rest In Peace."

The videos provide minute-long dramatizations of the scenarios presented in the posters.

Check out some posters and videos from the "End Gang Life" campaign (story continues below):

'End Gang Life' Campaign

"It is time that mothers and fathers stop having to arrange for their child’s funeral and no family should have to grieve for the loss of their loved one because of gang violence," CFSEU-BC Chief Officer Dan Malo said in a prepared statement.

The campaign is being released in the Christmas season in the hope that it will spark some discussion among families of people who may be drawn to the lifestyle, The Burnaby Now reported.

But "End Gang Life" isn't solely focused on visual media. CFSEU members also met with suspected gangsters last week to let them know their activities would no longer be tolerated in B.C., The Vancouver Sun reported.

Police told the gangsters that they should leave gang life or leave B.C.

"We have placed them on notice," Malo said.

The campaign is being released on the heels of a separate initiative by the Abbotsford Police Department in which officers mail Christmas cards to known gangsters and drug dealers that show Santa Claus writing, "I will not play with guns" on a chalkboard.

The Abbotsford police generated controversy with last year's Christmas card, which showed Chief Bob Rich dressed up as Santa and holding a machine gun.

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