12/12/2013 03:34 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Geek Gifts: TV And Movie Christmas Present Ideas

The Force is with you, Christmas shoppers. HuffPost Canada is here to help.

While nerdy folks are often the easiest people to shop for (there's so much out there!), it can be tough because you have to find just the right thing. From "Star Wars" to "Star Trek," from Cumberbatch to The Griswolds, we have some geek-tastic suggestions for the nerd in your life.

There's also some fun stuff in here for those folks who really love the holidays and like to have fun with friends and family. Or fun at the expense of friends and family. Either one.

Geek TV/Movies Gift Guide 2013

A big thanks to our pals at RetroFestive, Canada's pop culture Christmas store, for supplying us with images of (some of) their cool products.