12/12/2013 01:39 EST | Updated 12/12/2013 01:42 EST

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi Vs. Moron Exchange Gets The Internet Angry

Reddit and Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi don't always see eye to eye.

But the popular site came to the defence of the mayor after an imgur illustration titled Mayor vs. Moron perfectly framed a rapidly deteriorating Twitter exchange between @nenshi and @catsinwnderland.

Comments on Reddit and Twitter overwhelmingly sided with Nenshi, who tried to explain the city's snowplowing efforts to a belligirent Calgarian upset about the state of Calgary roads after two weeks of unusually cold and snowy conditions.

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And the Internet was not kind to Nenshi's accuser...

He's definitely got more patience than I do, she is an imbecile.

While many derided Nenshi's attacker for being nonsensical and for simply being out to chastize the mayor, others suggested Nenshi is doing himself a disservice by engaging with "trolls."

"Even if you win the argument you still lose because you gave a moron a forum for their foolishness. I've been there though, it's so hard to just walk away," said ScottHRFD.

"Nenshi... don't feed the trolls. You should know better!" added cjsedwards.

But it was daekano who summed up the reaction to the exchange best:

"I agree he probably should have just let her stew after responding to her with facts. That said, I identify with him even more now. Being frustrated with the lowest common denominator is infuriating. In my opinion he shows a lot of restraint. I mean, come on. She's critiquing Britney Spears positively, and idolizing Nicole Ritchie. Yep, I read her twitter feed to see how far the inbreeding goes."

The anger spilled over into Twitter where @catsinwnderland quickly became a cyber punching bag.

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Mayor vs. Moron

As of Thursday morning, @catsinwnderland's account was no longer active.

In the end, it was Nenshi who came to the rescue of his one-time accuser.

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