12/12/2013 18:47 EST | Updated 02/11/2014 05:59 EST

Starved dog Molly rescued from 'horrific' conditions

Molly, an 18-month-old dog, has been rescued from what the BC SPCA calls one of the most horrific animal cruelty cases in the organization's history.

The shepherd-cross, was discovered by RCMP on Nov. 25, after officers in Port Hardy on Vancouver Island received an animal cruelty complaint.

Molly was found tied up on the owner's porch, extremely emaciated, with a chain collar deeply embedded in her neck.

"She was in critical condition, non-responsive and shivering," said BC SPCA chief prevention and enforcement officer Marcie Moriarty.

Officers rushed the dog to the nearest veterinary hospital for emergency surgery, where staff removed the collar from Molly's neck.

Molly has since been taken to Nanaimo, where she is recovering. The BC SPCA has now launched an investigation into the case and will be recommending charges against Molly's former owners.

Moriarty said Molly has made an incredible recovery, given the circumstances she was rescued from.

“She has gained some weight and is now able to walk, but she is still extremely emaciated,” said Moriarty.

“She is getting care around the clock and we are very hopeful that, despite the incredible odds against her, she will make a full recovery.

Molly will continue to recover in an interim foster home for several more weeks, before she is placed in a permanent home.