12/13/2013 10:50 EST | Updated 02/12/2014 05:59 EST

Senate Speaker invites reporters into chamber for 2nd time

For the second time in a month, Senate Speaker Noel Kinsella is taking the unusual step of inviting reporters into the Senate chamber this morning to hear him speak and ask him questions.

Television cameras are also being allowed into the normally camera-free room, although it's expected Kinsella may announce that Senate proceedings will soon be broadcast via webcam. Currently, only the audio portion of Senate debates is available on the Senate's website.

Kinsella first let reporters into the Senate in early December, to listen to him announce that the emails of four senators would be handed over to the RCMP. 

The RCMP had asked for the emails of Senators Mike Duffy, Marjory LeBreton, Carolyn Stewart Olsen and David Tkachuk as part of its investigation into a $90,000 payment the prime minister's former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, gave to Duffy to repay his inappropriate expenses.

Speakers of both the House of Commons or the Senate rarely, if ever, talk to the media, but Kinsella may be attempting damage control over the beating the Senate's reputation has taken this year over the expense claims of some senators.