12/16/2013 02:55 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

Bobcat Breaks Into Nelson Home, Gets Tangled (PHOTO)

Imagine this: you come home to hear some rustling in the basement. You take your dog downstairs with you to see what's going on.

Once down there, you think you see a house cat. But it isn't long before you take a closer look at the animal and realize it's about three times bigger than your typical domestic feline. It has black-tufted ears and a stubby tail.

Yes, it's a bobcat. And Nelson resident Leanne Kalabis came face-to-face with one in her family home when it entered through a basement door after it apparently blew open on Friday afternoon, The Nelson Star reported.

Check out images the tangled bobcat. Story continues after the slideshow:

Bobcat Breaks Into Nelson, B.C. Home

The dog and the bobcat fought with each other before the feline scaled a wall and found itself stuck.

"It became pretty entangled in the blinds, as it was thrashing and hissing at my dog," Kalabis told the newspaper.

Not entirely sure how to deal with the intruder, she called her neighbour Dr. Jim Noiles over, who didn't initially believe what had happened, Global News reported.

"We sort of looked at each other and said ‘well, what do we do now?'" he told the network.

An RCMP officer came over and figured out a solution using duct tape, two broom handles and a knife to cut the bobcat out of its trap, CBC News reported.

The cat ran at some basement windows in an effort to exit the property before eventually finding the basement door.

Kalabis said she will be sure to double-check that her basement door is closed from now on.

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