12/16/2013 04:28 EST | Updated 12/16/2013 04:32 EST

Burglary Victim's Kijiji Ad Is The Definition Of Christmas Spirit

work tools background.
work tools background.

A Calgary construction company had thousands of dollars worth of goods stolen but the owner is asking those who want to help to donate to charity instead.

The owner of SS Construction, Steve, writes that tools worth 7,000-$10,000 were stolen from the company's trailers and that the theft will have a huge impact on the company's business. He's worried he won't have the money to give his "hard working guys" their Christmas bonuses and is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who returns the stolen goods (including the alleged thief).

Steve's obvious affection for his staff has led many to offer donations, but he says he won't be accepting any money. He added this touching disclaimer to his ad:

"I deeply deeply appreciate all of the responses thus far, and am forever indebted to those who have offered us tools and money. I however have a few resources and some money saved up for rainy days such as this. I urge those who have made these offers, and to those who intend to make future offers, to take even a fraction of what that offer would be, and give it to someone in desperate need. Someone who does not have the capabilities to turn a bad situation around. Someone ill, or homeless, or down on their luck. Even if it means helping someone with their groceries, or shoveling their driveway. Anything. All I wish for are my tools."

Some took to Reddit to to share their awe at the owner's Christmas spirit.

"I actually got goose bumps when I read that part of his post and that sure doesn't happen very often anymore ... Great guy for sure!" said one user.

"He's obviously concerned not only for his own livelihood, but for that of his employees," said another.

After suffering a huge setback, Steve is still thinking about those more in need than himself. It makes us wonder if this selfless guy isn't Santa himself.

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