12/16/2013 02:54 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 01:38 EST

Flu Season: 10 Ways To Not Get Sick

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Flu and cold season is still among us and if you've been lucky enough not to catch any viruses, there a few extra things you can do to further protect your body.

Alternative health expert Bryce Wylde says more and more people are are opting out of seasonal flu remedies (like shots and medication) and trying to find natural ways to protect and heal their bodies from the cold and flu.

"The natural health flu frenzy has left many confused with what remedies are best to take both proactively and re-actively to combat a cold or flu," he said in a statement.

While coughs and colds can be treated in a couple of days with natural remedies or over-the-counter drugs, some symptoms may need further medical assistance. If you are feeling symptoms of a cold or flu, watch out for severe headaches, high fevers and keep note of how sick you get over a short period of time.

According to fitness and nutrition expert and Huffington Post blogger JJ Virgin, getting a good amount of sleep, stressing less (especially during the busy holiday season) and eating healthier breakfasts are other simple ways to avoid the flu.

Looking for something on the natural side? Here are Wylde's top 10 ways to protect your body this season:

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Make Yourself A DIY Germ Barrier

To help keep the germs at bay use a cotton swab to apply petroleum jelly to the inside of your nostrils. And now you've got yourself an enhanced germ barrier. Our noses are often soft spots for bacteria and viruses and a small layer of jelly can act as a protector.


Keep an all-natural hand sanitizer that promises to kill 99.9 per cent of germs in your pocket or purse at all times.

Protect The Kids

Kids are primary germ carriers and will inevitably fall ill this season. To prevent yourself from getting sick, make sure your children are also protected either with a flu shot or medication.

Get Fresh With Garlic

Bacteria love warm, humid environments. If what you've got now is a bacterial infection, garlic is a powerful, all-natural antibiotic solution. Of course we're telling you to eat a clove straight — instead try adding garlic to soups, salads or your favourite pasta.

Reach For Probiotics

A happy gut means a healthy immune system. Reach for probiotic supplements or yogurt. Probiotics can boost the immune system and increase resistance to the cold and flu by producing antibiotics.

Get Some Zzzs

Lack of sleep is proven to contribute to an unhealthy immune system. To ensure you have a congestion-free sleep, sick or not, use a nasal strip to help open your airways.

Sneeze In The Sleeve

Much like hand washing, this is one of the simplest ways to help prevent the spread of germs.

Shower Your Nose

Irrigate your nasal cavity with a neti-pot. It will flush out the viruses and bacteria reducing chances of impending infections.

Don't Forget The D

When it comes to the flu, it’s not all about Vitamin C, Vitamin D is just as important. Since we may not get as many hours of sunshine as we do in the summertime, taking vitamin D supplements during the winter can help boost immunity and protect our bodies from catching a cold.

Flower Power

Research suggests the use of a properly formulated Echinacea means fewer colds, reduced duration of cold symptoms, and less reliance on synthetic pain relievers.