12/16/2013 07:01 EST | Updated 12/16/2013 07:07 EST

Flying Lion: Buffalo Hurls Predator Into The Air

A young lion appears to have earned the rather spectacular ire of one very protective buffalo bull.

In a video posted to YouTube on Dec. 13, a lion is seen tearing into a buffalo near South Africa's Kruger National Park. An instant later, a bull -- with a somewhat daunting set of horns -- charges onto the scene. The lion is then fork-lifted by the aforementioned horns, sent flying some five metres into the air (according to the blurb describing the video), rag-dolled again for good measure and ultimately sent fleeing.

The YouTube description notes that the video was captured by Ian Matheson and his son Oliver, during a drive through Mjejane Reserve, which borders on Kruger Park.

"Amazingly all of the animals walked away from the encounter with no major injuries, except perhaps some bruised egos on the lion's part," the blub concludes.

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