12/16/2013 04:15 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 01:38 EST

Snack Better: Mini Meals Packed With Fibre

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Getting your daily recommended fibre intake doesn’t have to be the medieval torture event that you’re probably picturing right now. There is a balance between living a tragically fibre-free (and not to mention, pointless) life and eating nothing but hard bricks of bran for every meal. May we suggest some delicious fibre snacks? No need to wipe your eyes in disbelief: you can get all the fibre you need from snacks, and they will help you once mealtime rolls around as well.

High-fibre snacks can help keep you full ‘til the next meal. Don’t be afraid; it’s gonna be delicious! Nutritionists say that spreading out your fibre intake throughout the day will also help prevent the dreaded trifecta: gas, diarrhea, and bloating. Time to look as good as you feel, and smell as good as you look. (You read that right.)

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For movie lovers and those who love movie lovers

Hey, you love movies, right? And chances are you love to snack while watching. But that high-fat, zero-nutrition bag of chips is doing nothing for your waistline or your digestive system. It won’t be much of a stretch to power through a bag of popcorn, and popcorn is way better for you in the long run. And the short run. All runs, basically. Nutritionists say popcorn is the perfect high fibre snack. Just make sure you’re using an air popper to make it and nix the butter and salt they use at the theatre. Little known fact: you can eat three cups for 3.5 grams of fibre. But don’t torture yourself too much; sprinkle it with dill, parmesan cheese, or chili pepper and it’ll feel oh so fancy.

Prune yourself

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a member of Grey Power to eat prunes. And if you like ‘em, for goodness sakes, stop hiding it! Don’t stash that prune bag in your top desk drawer. Be loud and proud about your love for the shrivelled brown treats; they may not have the raw visual appeal of a peach or a red delicious apple, but they taste good. Get those prunes out in the open and just pop ‘em in your mouth (five prunes should do the trick for three grams of fibre). Or, to make your snack more exotic, try slicing them open and stuffing some goat cheese and walnuts inside. Go on, get freaky with it; we know you want to.

Berry good

Ok, maybe you don’t enjoy choking down dry bran. It takes a certain person to enjoy that stuff. No judgements here. But there are so many sources of fibre out there; you don’t have to. Berries are a source of fibre. One serving of raspberries has eight whole grams of the stuff. Add some yogurt and flaxseed to a serving of raspberries and you’ve got a sweet and satisfying between-meal treat, and you won’t even have to supress your gag reflex. Win-win!

Beans and legumes: not just the musical fruit

We know, you’ve heard the joke about beans (If you haven’t, please refer to earlier in this article) before. However, there are lots of options for making them into high-fibre snacks that won’t seem (or sound) like you’re straight up eating a bowl of beans. For instance: chickpea hummous with whole wheat crackers. Or a hunk of brownie; Black bean brownie, that is! These are easy to make, packed with fibre (most beans are 6-9 grams of fibre per serving) and they taste like chocolate. What more could you actually want in life? Surprise! You’ve just met your fibre quota for the day, and you didn’t even die of acute disgust.