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What Do Tim Hortons' Lids, Lululemon's Chip Wilson and Rob Ford Have In Common?

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A former defence minister admits that he believes in little green men, a Tim Hortons regular pushed too far by those god-awful lids and Rob Ford. These were some of the most popular stories on the Huffington Post Canada this year.

The West Is Best

Alberta may have had a tough year but the province also had plenty to celebrate on the political front. The mayor of its two largest cities, Edmonton and Calgary, are being held up as models of hip, young and responsive political leadership. Our post "Reasons The Rest Of Canada Should Be Super Jealous Of Alberta" was the 11th most read post on our site this year.

Not to be left out, the post "'How To Be A Vancouverite' Shows Why People Make Fun Of B.C." creeps in just behind at #12. The post features a video that pokes fun at Lotus Land stereotypes.

The Customer Is Always Right

Two posts showed that Canadians can get really riled up over certain beloved brands. At #10, "Tim Hortons Lids Letter Voices A Nation's Pain" is a hilarious look at those horrible dark brown lids that top thousands of cups of coffee across the country.

On the flip side, Yoga brand Lululemon generated plenty of rage when founder Chip Wilson made comments about some women's bodies not being right for their products. Our post on the comments was #8 on our list.

Rob Ford, Rob Ford, Rob Ford

Toronto's Mayor became infamous for his simplistic mantra, "Subways, Subways, Subways". In November, we could've changed that to "Rob Ford, Rob Ford, Rob Ford". Stories about the scandal-plagued politician dominated our charts for weeks on end and provided plenty of comedy fodder.

Two posts about Ford land at #3 and #2 on our year-end charts.

And in #1

With more than 500,000 likes on Facebook, poet Hollie McNish's powerful defense of her right to breastfeed in public was the most-read post on the Huffington Post Canada. It also sparked hundreds of comments in support of the U.K. poet and artist.

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