12/16/2013 11:56 EST | Updated 02/15/2014 05:59 EST

Navi Wind crew stranded in Argentia thankful for local help

The captain of a ship stranded in Argentia says crewmembers are grateful for all the help they've been getting from local organizations.

The Navi Wind cargo ship ran into rough seas while off Placentia Bay on the night of Dec.4. It has been docked in Argentia ever since.

Capt. Pero Metkovic said the 11-person crew from Croatia, Greece and Slovenia is running low on food, and the ship doesn't have heat or hot water while they await news about repairs.

He said the Canadian Red Cross, the local church and the food bank have been providing the crew with food, blankets and bedding.

"They [the Red Cross] supply winter jacket. We had winter jackets, but they are not good for Canada, I tell you that," Metkovic said.

"Canada is very cold, and I had my own winter jacket, but I cannot use this."

According to Metkovic, the owner of the ship — who is located in Egypt — is still trying to figure out what to do about the vessel.

"Owner is calling me nearly every day, he's trying everything," he said.

"He wants to undertake some repairs; also Transport Canada wants to undertake some repairs to bring ship in order. But still the weather is bad."

Metkovic said he thinks once the weather clears up, they will be able to inspect the ship and determine what repairs are needed to allow them to leave the province.

The vessel was headed to Turkey with a load of scrap metal when it was forced to turn around.