12/17/2013 11:29 EST | Updated 12/17/2013 11:44 EST

Best Food Gifts: What To Get The Eater In Your Life

Santa Claus eating cookies with milk sitting near Christmas tree. Opening milk bottle

For people who love food, December is the greatest month of the year. Everywhere you turn, people are offering up homemade baked goods and gourmet gift baskets, and resistance is basically futile.

So if you're shopping for a food-lover in your life, you know the competition is fierce. These people aren't necessarily foodies (a term that tends to denote a certain amount of snobbery), but instead, those who can enjoy a fast food burger and a handcrafted dumpling equally.

We've pulled together 10 gifts to serve those who love to be served and surrounded by food (and occasionally, who want to dabble in the kitchen themselves). Take a look at our picks — you'll likely find something you'd like to buy for yourself as well:

Best Food Gifts