12/17/2013 12:44 EST

Evans Hunt's Live-Knitting Granny Gladys Knits Tweets For Calgary Charity

Evans Hunt

Live blogging, live tweeting, live chatting...and now, live knitting?

A Calgary-based company has hired a grandmother to 'live-knit' your tweets during the month of December, with the goal of raising money for a local children's charity.

Evans Hunt, a digital marketing agency, has hired Chief Knitting Officer (CKO) Granny Gladys to sit on camera and knit out tweets submitted with the hashtag #kitgrannyknit.

It's a way for the company to "give people a laugh to see the contrast between such an instantaneous tool like Twitter with the not so instantaneous craft of knitting," Evans Hunt said of the quasi-live website takeover (it appears at least some of the footage is on a loop – because no one is capable of knitting 24-hours a day for an entire month.)

For every tweet sent to Granny Gladys with the hashtag #knitgrannyknit, Evans Hunt will donate $1 to the Children's Cottage Society – a Calgary charity that provides crisis nursery care, respite services and family support in Calgary.

And because knitting all day can get quite exhausting, Granny Gladys sometimes adds a little something to her tea cup from a flask she keeps hidden in her cardigan, and also has some surprise replacements fill in for her, including a French bulldog.

Surprisingly, live-knitting has already been conquered in 2013.

A team of Norwegian knitters, in an attempt to beat the world "sheep to sweater" record, recently spent nine hours on live TV , shearing an ewe and then spinning and knitting a sweater.

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