12/17/2013 08:03 EST | Updated 02/16/2014 05:59 EST

Montreal driver ticketed for parking between snowbanks

A Montreal driver says he is going to fight a ticket he received for parking at an angle to fit between snowbanks.

Yesterday, commuters had to battle slippery road conditions and cold temperatures after a major weekend snowstorm dumped up to 35 centimetres of snow on parts of Montreal.

Côtes-des-Neiges resident Vijayarajah Ranjit was one of the many Montrealers who parked on a diagonal to squeeze between the mounds of snow that line the city's streets.

He said he was careful to not block traffic, so he was surprised when he found a $52 parking ticket on his van.

"I [was] not obstructing any vehicle or traffic. I was safe, sound,” Ranjit said.

“A day like this, when there's 30 centimetres of snow …understand our situation."

Snowdon city councillor Marvin Rotrand said sometimes officials have make a judgment call.

“The idea is to only give tickets to someone who's egregiously parked, when it would have an impact slowing traffic or preventing traffic from moving at all.”

Rotrand said any driver who feels they didn’t deserve to be ticketed has the right to contest.

Ranjit said he plans to challenge the ticket in court.