When Did You First Feel Like A Grown-Up?

young little doctor and engineer
young little doctor and engineer

Like birthdays, the end of the year tends to prompt some reflection about what has passed over the last 12 months. On Reddit, that train of thought came in the form of a thread with a simple question: "When was the first time you felt like an adult?"

According to a study that came out in 2012, most people only feel they're grown-ups when they reach 30, a full decade past "legal" adulthood. But plenty of people aren't willing to place an actual number on it, instead preferring to recall the one moment when the tide turned, and they saw themselves on the other side of the generational line.

Perhaps you've had enough of feeling like you're waiting for your adult world to start. Perhaps you just need some inspiration for your New Year's resolutions. Or perhaps you, like us, will appreciate those moments that prompted the recognition that yes, you're officially an adult.

Check out these charming, hilarious, heartbreaking and completely honest realizations of adulthood. And of course, share your own in the comments below: