12/18/2013 01:56 EST | Updated 02/17/2014 05:59 EST

Island residents feel stranded as Toronto Ferry shuts down

The ferry between the Toronto Ferry Docks and the Toronto Islands is not operational, leaving approximately 700 residents to make alternate plans to get to shore.

The city says the William Inglis ferry is temporarily out of service, and that staff discovered "a very minor leak" in the hull of the ferry and ceased operation on Wednesday.

Toronto Ferry is telling riders to go through the island airport to reach land. A bus leaves on the hour to bring passengers to the ferry there.

But island resident Liz McClelland says it feels as though she is stranded, calling the service to the airport ferry very intermittent with delays as long as two hours.

"When the ferry isn't operational, like today, we have to rely on the ferry docks providing us with bus transportation through the island airport, which is always prone to delays because the bus has to wait for a break in plane take-offs and landings," she said.

There won't be a replacement ferry — the city is bringing out another vessel called the Ongiarais — to come out of dry dock until Thursday or Friday for normal service.

"Aside from shopping for groceries, today has impacted kids trying to get to school, people trying to get to work, attending appointments, and so on and so on," McClelland said.