12/18/2013 02:17 EST | Updated 12/18/2013 02:18 EST

Who Would Let A Dog Suffer This Way? (PHOTOS)

Surrey Animal Resource Centre

A Doberman puppy was dropped off at a veterinary hospital in Surrey on Dec. 6 in a heartbreaking condition.

"Prudence" was left at the clinic anonymously, starving and suffering from demodectic mange, Kim Marosevich, animal care and control manager at the Surrey Animal Resource Centre wrote in an e-mail.

Marosevich is very keen to learn more about what happened to Prudence before she reached the centre, as the dog's condition would have deteriorated over several months.

"We would like to ask the community if someone, somewhere has seen her before?"

She arrived weighing only 28 pounds, when the average Doberman of her age should be 40 to 45 pounds, and her cropped ears still had suture material present.

Check out photos of "Prudence," a Doberman puppy that was dropped off in terrible shape at a Surrey veterinary hospital on Friday. The story continues after the slideshow:

Photo gallery Prudence, Doberman Puppy In Surrey, Dropped Off In Bad Shape See Gallery

"In spite of barely being able to stand up when we first received her she is happy and friendly to all and wants nothing more than good food and a warm soft bed to cuddle in," Marosevich wrote.

Prudence faces lengthy medical treatment before there is any possibility of adoption. For now, she remains in the care of the centre.

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