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2014 Luxury Travel Trends Call For Add-On Destinations, Fancy RVs And More

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(Relaxnews) - In 2014, globetrotters will maximize Instagram and Facebook to send out the digital equivalent of ‘wish you were here’ postcards, while bucket lists will become super-sized.

Those are among some of the predictions of 250-year-old luxury travel company Cox & Kings, which released its crystal ball forecasts for 2014 -- a year that will be defined by the “YOLO” spirit -- You Only Live Once -- and the search for authentic, local experiences.

“2014 is a particularly exciting year as it represents the broadest spectrum of trends we have ever seen,” said Scott Wiseman, President, Cox & Kings, The Americas.

Many of the travel trends outlined in the Cox & Kings report are echoed by Condé Nast Traveler which likewise singled out gastronomic pilgrimages, the increasingly powerful role of Instagram and add-on destinations as popular trends to look out for next year.

Here’s a selection of what's expected to chart the luxury travel landscape:

Festival Travel

It’s one of the most authentic ways to experience a destination: Attending a festival thrown by the locals. And the more intrepid luxury travellers are no longer content with just watching from the sidelines, but actively participate.

Virtual Check-In

Cox & Kings calls the geolocating check-in feature on Foursquare and Facebook the new “Wish you were here” postcard that allows users to gloat about their jetsetting whereabouts.

“Inherently, people want to boast about where they have been or where they are going and these new apps allow them to tell you in real time without any heavy lifting. They also double as real time guidebooks, providing local dining, sightseeing and hotel suggestions,” said Wiseman.

Vine-To-Glass, Farm-To-Table Pilgrimages

No longer content to tuck into a simple Michelin-starred meal, foodie globetrotters are now looking for culinary adventures that may include a visit to a local farm, or a winery that produces their favourite wine. Condé Nast Traveler also predicts that gastronomic pilgrimages -- notably across Latin American countries such as Peru -- will be on the rise next year.

Add-On Destinations

Both Condé Nast Traveler and Cox & Kings agree: add-on destinations that extend layovers will become increasingly common in 2014, as globetrotters tack on stays to break up long-haul flights that circumvent the globe. “Whether it is to experience another city in the same country or another country on the same continent or just to have a couple of days on the beach before heading back to reality, these “quickie” stops are trending.”

Adventure Bucket List

Bucket lists are getting a shot of adrenaline, with more and more globetrotters supersizing their to-do lists into an Adventure Bucket List. Exotic excursions include tribal safaris in Ethiopia, cultural expeditions to Papua New Guinea and summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro.

RVs Go Haute

Remember when camping went upscale and was promoted to glamping? Well, trailers and RVs are likewise experiencing a major makeover, says Cox & Kings. Expect to see the mobile camping car get pimped out with luxury amenities for families and travellers who want to cover more terrain -- mountains, deserts, jungles and countrysides -- in five-star, mobile style comfort.

Eastward Bound

France, Italy, Spain and the UK: by now, travellers with deep pockets have already been there, done that, and yes, literally bought the T-shirts. Next year, Eastern European destinations and Baltic states like Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Macedonia and Albania, will beckon globetrotters this year with their beautifully preserved, medieval towns, castles, and pulsing cosmopolitan centres.

“With a mix of street cafes and seaside towns, the region is a comfortable combination of the familiar West Europe and the Mediterranean.”

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