12/19/2013 02:53 EST | Updated 01/25/2014 04:01 EST

New Conservative Ad: Harper Asks For Help Rebuilding Canada (VIDEO)

It seems the campaign for 2015 is underway.

Conservatives released a new ad online Thursday and let's just say it's… dramatic.

"Seven years ago we set out to rebuild Canada — strong and free," a narrator says.

There's dramatic music. Dramatic Stephen Harper sound bites. And lots of dramatic handshakes.

The video was sent to supporters in a fundraising email written by Pierre Poilievre, minister of democratic reform, who warned that with the next federal election less than two years away, the stakes "couldn't possibly be higher."

Poilievre offered Tories a choice — either donate, and be a part of the campaign, or skip out and "risk waking up in 2015 to Justin Trudeau as prime minister."

"Can you imagine Trudeau leading our economy? Or representing Canada on the world stage?" asked Poilievre, before imploring recipients chip in $25 to the party's "Seize the Moment" campaign.

Opposition MPs have criticized Conservatives for using the "seizing Canada's moment" line from the October Throne Speech as part of their fundraising drive.

Tories reportedly aim to raise $2 million by the end of the year.

Liberals also made a big fundraising push with emails in recent weeks from Liberal MP Marc Garneau and former prime ministers Jean Chretien and Paul Martin urging supporters to open up their wallets.

According to The Canadian Press' Joan Bryden, Grits pulled in more than $1 million over a 12-day fundraising drive.

Those who donated were entered into a contest to have dinner with the Liberal leader. Earlier this month, Liberals released a video of the last contest winner to break bread with Trudeau.

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