12/19/2013 02:16 EST

Dakota Johnson In Steamy 'Fifty Shades' Kiss On Vancouver Street (VIDEO)

fifty shades kiss

The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" production brought heat to a chilly Thursday morning in Vancouver, when passersby were treated to a steamy kiss between the film's stars, Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan.

The pair, who play lovers Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, were caught on video by Instagram user meesh_au.

The same Instagrammer also caught an image of extras on bikes prepping for their big moment.

Johnson was photographed by Twitter user @pursuit23 arriving on set in Gastown all bundled up in a thick coat, Ugg boots and clutching a coffee.

While Dornan caught the eye of @VancityFilming, the actor looking very intense as he waited for the scene to begin.

Earlier this week, UBC was transformed for Ana's graduation scene.

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