12/19/2013 05:50 EST | Updated 12/19/2013 06:10 EST

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Recommended For Approval (TWEETS)

Enbridge's Northern Gateway pipeline project was recommended for approval with 209 conditions by the Joint Review Panel, and reaction came swiftly on social media.

Activist Naomi Klein was quick on the draw with the following tweet:

Environmental campaigner Torrance Coste posted an image that riffed on the conditions that Enbridge must meet in order for the pipeline to be built:

B.C. NDP MLA George Heyman was also quick to respond, predicting that pipeline opposition would intensify:

Meanwhile, this user issued an ultimatum to the leader of the federal opposition:

But not all reaction to the decision was negative. This user cheered the panel's recommendation:

Meanwhile, this user suggested putting the pipeline to a vote:

And Andrew Kurjata, co-host of CBC's Daybreak North in Prince George, just wanted to read the darn report, a task made difficult by all the traffic going to the Joint Review Panel's website:

Check out what Twitter users had to say about the Joint Review Panel's decision on Northern Gateway:

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Approved (TWEETS)

Check out the Joint Review Panel's report:

Northern Gateway Pipeline Joint Panel Report vol. 1 and 2