12/19/2013 12:01 EST

Steven Galloway Trolls Facebook Phisher In The Most Epic Manner Possible

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Vancouver writer Steven Galloway penned an online epic when he turned the tables on a Facebook phisher who tried to scam him this week.

The author of The Cellist of Sarajevo was approached on the social networking site by a user named "Sharon Oddie Brown" who came to him with a lucrative offer: "Am so happy to tell you about the $100,000 and a brand new truck giving out to people from facebook world lottery. Do you got yours?"

Naturally, Galloway recognized this as a scam, but he decided to have some fun with it anyway. He first asked the phisher to send him $5,000 and promised to share his winnings with her. When the phisher changed the subject, he asked for $7,000, a glazed ham and stepped up his demands in a series of subsequent messages.

He was eventually put in touch with a user named "Scott Brunce Robert," who asked the author to send $5,000 as well as his Facebook and email passwords before he could claim his prize.

Galloway screwed with this phisher too, asking whether he believed in ghosts and joking that he had an "outstanding legal issue outside a massage parlour in Montecarlo."

The exchange went on for two days, and the author said on his Facebook page that he was sorry when it was over. He did, however, capture the whole conversation in a PDF document.

Check out Steven Galloway trolling a Facebook scammer:

Steven Galloway Trolls Facebook Phisher

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