12/20/2013 10:24 EST | Updated 02/19/2014 05:59 EST

How your province/territory stacks up in Lego

A Nova Scotia photographer is taking Lego to a whole new level.

Jeff Friesen has built and photographed a Lego scene for every province and territory and American state.

“Most of the work in making this series is finding bricks,” Friesen says. "It never seems to be as big as a pile as I need it to be. Sometimes I'm looking for a piece, and this isn't organized Lego, this is just a big bin of it.”

Friesen credits his daughter as his source of inspiration.

His creative process is somewhat whimsical.

Friesen describes the process behind the scene for Nunavut, which shows two Inuit paddling a boat near an iceberg:

"I was going to have them paddling a piece of ice and then I always like to add something extra to the idea so I thought ‘Oh wouldn't it be funny if the ice was shaped like a gondola from Venice?’ Then I thought I would add a moonlit sky.”

He would have liked to make an igloo for Nunavut, he says, but the medium is challenging.

"Again it goes back to the bricks,” he says. “I'm somewhat limited by the bricks that we have.”  

Friesen calls his work "The Brick Fantastic project." The photographs are available for sale online.

The Brick Fantastic is not officially endorsed by the Lego company.