12/20/2013 08:58 EST | Updated 02/19/2014 05:59 EST

Injured family flees house fire; drives 42 km to Saskatoon

An injured family drove 42 kilometres to Saskatoon after their home broke out in flames Friday morning. 

The family from Neuanlage, a hamlet north of the city, drove to a 7-11 store on Assiniboine Drive to call 911. A man and woman — dressed only in T-shirts and shorts — were seen frantically ferrying children from the SUV and inside the 7-11 store into ambulances.

Two young boys, six and seven years old, are currently at Royal University Hospital being treated with minor injuries. 

"My brother noticed the fire and managed to get his family out and then they just went to the hospital for what needed to be taken care of and everybody is doing pretty good," the father's brother said.

"I was just concerned that everybody was out of the house and safe, and when I got here, I made a few phone calls and talked to the RCMP, I realized everyone was out. The rest is just stuff." 

RCMP say the fire started just before 7 a.m. CST. By the time Rosthern RCMP and volunteer fire fighters arrived from the town of Hague, the house had been evacuated and there was no one there. 

Jim Heinbigner, volunteer fire chief in Hague, said the house was gone in three minutes. The family had only lived in the home for about seven or eight months. 

The cause of the fire isn't known yet.