12/20/2013 03:14 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 01:38 EST

Sam Roberts Band, 'We're All In This Together' Video Premiere

Montreal rocker Sam Roberts has a Christmas present for you. Yep, it's the HuffPost Canada premiere of his new music video for "We're All In This Together," the lead single from his upcoming album "Lo-Fantasy."

Roberts says he was "trying to evoke the musical love-child of Primal Scream and Fela Kuti," which is aiming pretty high, rhythmically and politically speaking. He was especially inspired by Kuti's mix of socially conscious lyrics and hip-shaking music. The record, Roberts says, "became based on those two ideas -- make 'em dance but also try to say something about the life we are living."

The hometown recording session captured in the six-minute clip mashes up a traditional music video with a making-of mini-doc and features Chet Doxas on sax as well as guest vocals from Tim Fletcher, formerly of the Stills.

"This is a song about breaking down the barriers, both real and imaginary, between people. A rallying-cry, calling for the realization that the only way to face the future is together! We are still animals, flesh and blood, banging on the table for more food, in need of love and acceptance and hope that tomorrow will be better than today," Roberts tells us.

"This was the last song written for 'Lo-Fantasy' and, as often happens, the last song captures the spirit of the whole record. If each song represents a different piece of the human struggle, 'We're All In This Together' offers a solution, the way forward, a chance for redemption through each other."

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