12/20/2013 04:10 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 01:38 EST

Year In Review 2013: B.C.'s Dumbest Stories


A lot of people in British Columbia might like to forget that 2013 ever happened.

Throughout the year, we learned about some hilarious and embarrassing pratfalls by politicians, prominent businesspeople and others who really should have known better.

So without further ado, here are some of the dumbest moments of 2013.

Check out some of the best dumb B.C. stories of 2013. The story continues below the slideshow:

Best Dumb B.C. Stories Of 2013

March: Lookalike Fugitives Caught In B.C.

California fugitives Dustin Ilar and Daniel Mota thought they could fool police by passing themselves off as each other while hiding out in Victoria. They reportedly hoped that police would question Ilar thinking he was Mota and be forced back to the drawing board. Alas, no dice. Victoria police arrested the pair and handed them over to the Canada Border Services Agency.

March: Victoria Bank Robber Returns To Scene Of Failed Heist

A would-be robber entered a Victoria bank and asked a teller for feedback on how his heist was going. Confronted with silence (and a lack of cash), he fled the scene, only to return, peer in the window and check on the progress of the investigation. He was arrested shortly after.

March: Lululemon's Sheer Pants

Lululemon found itself bending over backward to recover its reputation after it emerged that its Lu-On stretch pants were too sheer. CEO Christine Day said in an earnings call that the only way to tell whether they were transparent was if customers bent over. And that allegedly happened in some outlets, as angry customers claimed on the company's Facebook page that sales clerks instructed them to bend and prove that you could see through the garments. The company later pulled the items off their shelves and re-sold them as "Second Chance" pants.

April: Mischa Popoff, Dumped Candidate, Tries To Defend Himself

It was bad enough when Mischa Popoff made offensive comments about single moms. The dumped B.C. Conservative candidate dug himself into a deeper hole when he made an unintentionally hilarious YouTube video in an effort to defend himself. The video shows Popoff claiming he was being bullied, hammering the point home with a bull by his side. The message, however, was lost as the bull began to ram him in the butt as he spoke.

May: Christy Clark Ran A Red Light

Christy Clark threw caution to the wind when, at her son's urging, she ran a red light through an empty intersection with a Vancouver Sun reporter sitting in the back of the car. It gave the NDP some fuel to use against the premier in the election campaign. But that was quickly forgotten when...

May: Adrian Dix Says He Was 35 Years Old

...Adrian Dix blamed his decision to forge a memo on being "35 years old." The quote gave the B.C. Liberals one of the most effective attack ads in the campaign: "I'm under 35 and I take responsibility."

July: Badminton Fight At Canada Open Doubles Final Sparks Probe

The world wasn't watching, but it did after badminton players Bodin Issara and Maneepong Jongjit came to blows at the Canada Open in Richmond. Issara received a two-year ban from the sport and Jongjit was suspended for three months.

October: Northern Gateway Poetry Makes The Muses Weep

Enbridge proved itself to be worse at poetry than the Vogons when the oil giant dropped some truly pathetic free verse in an ad. The attempt was rightly (and mercilessly) mocked on Twitter.

November: Chip Wilson's Big, Stupid Mouth

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson went on Bloomberg TV and said that "some women's bodies just actually don't work" in the yogawear retailer's clothes. Wilson expressed regret for the comments, saying he was "sad for the repercussions of my actions," but it wouldn't be long before he was out as company chairman.