12/20/2013 04:11 EST

37 Moments In Canadian Politics That Didn't Totally Bum Us Out In 2013


As you may have heard, 2013 was a rather depressing year in Canadian politics.

But it wasn't all bad, was it? Of course not! In fact, there were plenty of moments that made us laugh in 2013.

So sit back. Pour yourself some nog. And enjoy some of our favourite, lighter moments from 2013.

  • Chrétien Proved He's Still Got It
  • Harper Shared 'Day In The Life' Photos
    PM Stephen Harper, Flickr
  • Which Included A Chinchilla..
    PM Stephen Harper, Flickr
  • A Video Was Leaked Of Harper Doing Some Pretty Good Impressions
  • Trudeau Announced His Wife Is Pregnant
    Twitter, @JustinTrudeau
    "Thrilled to let you know we're going to need another seat in our canoe: Sophie is pregnant! #threeisthenewtwo," he tweeted.
  • He Also Installed A Dimmer, Apparently..
    Twitter, @JustinTrudeau
    "Am I the only one who finds successfully installing a dimmer oddly satisfying? #joysofmoving #excitingmondaynight," Trudeau wrote on Twitter.
  • Canada Got Its First Openly Gay Premier
  • These Two Premiers Squashed Their Beef
  • An Ousted British Columbia Conservative Candidate Was Tortured By A Bull
  • Harper Welcomed Some Pandas To Canada
  • And John Baird Posed With A Panda In China
  • Baird Also Got TOTALLY Frightened During A Press Conference
  • Trudeau Got Back In The Ring
  • And Did Yoga On Parliament Hill
  • More Than Once..
    Twitter, @JustinTrudeau
  • The Mayor Of Calgary Was Awesome After The Flood
  • But He Also Loosened Up A Bit
    Twitter, @ThomasMulcair
  • With A Water Gun!
  • And Was Caught Having A Laugh At Harper's Expense
    Twitter, @Allisomething
  • Layton's Statue Was Unveiled, And It's Wonderful
  • Harper Threw A Surprise Party For His Wife's 50th Birthday
    PM Stephen Harper, Flickr
  • This Happened..
  • This Happened..
    PM Stephen Harper, Flickr
  • And This Happened
  • Rob Ford Totally Saved 'Hurricane Hazel'
  • And Walked Into A Camera..
  • He Also Got A Milk Moustache
  • Someone Made This Near-Perfect Rob Ford Trailer

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