12/23/2013 01:00 EST | Updated 12/23/2013 01:09 EST

'Our Wild Abandon' Instagrams U.S. Road Trip (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Wouldn't you love to give up life's responsibilities and just go travel? That's precisely what two Vancouver women have done with a journey that has generated an enormous following on Instagram.

"Our Wild Abandon" founders Jillian Mann and Kyla Trethewey left their homes, their and their jobs behind in August and have since documented a road trip across the United States in a gorgeous photo series that has gathered over 50,000 followers.

The idea for the trip began some months back when the pair longed for an adventure. Trethewey sent Mann a text message: "Actually, do you want to go to Salt Lake city? If we left now, we could watch the sun rise on the salt flats. Please say yes," said an Instagram blog.

The pair took a whirlwind road trip to Salt Lake City. Months later, they bought a trailer, re-painted it, named it "Bobby Jean" and hit the road on Aug. 26, using Instagram and their personal website to keep loved ones apprised of their travels.

Trethewey, a former property manager with Vancouver Luxury Realty, told The Province that she never anticipated the journey would grow to be so popular online.

The pair has driven almost 18,000 km, visiting eight states including California, Utah, New Mexico and Texas, and has encountered plenty of adventures along the way.

Their engine broke down in Utah, forcing them to live in a junkyard for a week while they scrounged up money for repairs. They also spent a day in a Yuma, Ariz. prison after picking up a hitchhiker who was carrying illegal medication.

But none of that has dampened their passion for the open road. Mann and Trethewey are currently in Louisiana, where they have toured a swamp, handled an alligator and witnessed a New Orleans jazz funeral procession first hand.

Check out some photos from "Our Wild Abandon":

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