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Acropole Pizza Shipped From Nova Scotia To Fort McMurray For Homesick Bluenosers

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This certainly isn't your average pizza delivery.

A pizzeria in Pictou County, N.S. has been shipping its pizzas to homesick Nova Scotians working in Alberta's oil patch.

Acropole, known for their unique 'brown sauce' pizzas, have been filling orders for Bluenosers living in Fort McMurray, who would like a little taste of home over the holidays.

According to CBC News, UPS will deliver two frozen pizzas for approximately $100, with the pizzas arriving in two days.

It's the distinct sauce, combined with Nova Scotia's Brothers Meats pepperoni, that has customers hankering from thousands of kilometres away.

“It’s not your typical pizza sauce, the red sauce that you see. It’s a brown sauce. It’s got vegetables in it, herbs and spices. It’s a secret sauce,” Rhonda Cougias, one of the owners, told CBC.

"It’s just as addictive as Tim Hortons coffee."

New Glasgow's community paper, The News, reported earlier this year Acropole started shipping their pies after they learned the local UPS outlet often delivered Canadian delicacies, such as Fritos, Sobey's peanut butter and all-dressed chips to the U.S.

Milton Gallant, owner of the UPS Store, told The News he's shipped Acropole pizzas to many places across the country, adding most shipments are six pizzas in a 15 by 15 inch box.

“We had one woman in Medicine Hat and she had $250 worth in shipping of pizza products. She thought it was just great and couldn’t believe she could have it,” he said.

“She was going to have a bunch of people from New Glasgow get together out there, people from Pictou County and have a pizza party.”

According to Acropole's Facebook page, pretty much any item on the menu is available for shipment, as long as it can be cooked and frozen.

Donairs, anyone?

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