12/24/2013 05:55 EST | Updated 02/23/2014 05:59 EST

Toronto ice storm: Outages continue on the day before Christmas

The fight continues to get the lights back on for more than one hundred thousand Toronto residents who lost power in the wake of the weekend ice storm.

As of Tuesday morning Toronto Hydro said there were about 150,000 customers left without power. 

On Monday, Toronto Hydro reported that the number of total outages had dropped to just below 200,000, about two-thirds the total at the height of the storm.

Despite the improvements, there are people living in the city who may not see the power come back on until Christmas or even the weekend.

Mayor Rob Ford has been updating the city twice daily. He said that he would update the media next on Tuesday morning.

The mayor, the premier and other officials have urged residents to stay safe and to check on the well-being of elderly people and others in need.

The city is operating a number of warming centres across the city. Anyone seeking warmth, food or rest is welcome to visit them.

So far, there has been no move to declare a state of emergency in the City of Toronto.

The ice storm was among the worst of its kind to hit the city in recent memory.

It left the city’s transit system with major problems throughout much of the weekend, particularly the streetcars which were suspended from service for a number of hours on Sunday.

The ice that fell also weighed down the branches of trees, which then fell onto cars, buildings and power lines.