12/28/2013 12:51 EST | Updated 02/27/2014 05:59 EST

3 Skiers Missing At B.C.'s Sun Peaks Resort

A desperate search is underway for two young sisters and a woman in her 40s, after they went out of bounds at Sun Peaks ski resort, 50 kilometres northeast of Kamloops.

The two sisters, aged 17 and 23 years old, are believed to be from Kamloops and have only had intermittent communication with searchers, due to low battery power on their cellphones. They have not been heard from for several hours.

UPDATE: All three missing skiers have now been found, reports Global News.

The third woman, who is believed to be from Washington state, was skiing in the same area and has been in contact with rescuers. But they are unable to locate her by pinging her cellphone because it is on a U.S. carrier.

Windy weather conditions are blowing any tracks out and rescue officials say they may be searching throughout the night.

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