12/30/2013 19:33 EST | Updated 03/01/2014 05:59 EST

Bitter cold prompts windchill warnings in parts of Canada

A number of provinces are facing some bitter cold temperatures, with Manitoba, parts of Saskatchewan, northern Ontario and Quebec all under extreme windchill warnings.

According to Environment Canada, an Arctic ridge of high pressure from northwestern Alberta is responsible for the cold temperatures, with wind chills of –55 C expected in some areas of the country.

In Manitoba, the entire province was under an extreme windchill warning on Monday, with extreme wind chills of –45 to –50 expected tonight and Tuesday. In Winnipeg, the overnight low on Monday night is expected to drop to –38 but the windchill will make it feel more like –50. It will be much the same situation overnight on Tuesday to Wednesday.

Northern Saskatchewan was one of the coldest places on Earth Monday morning, with several communities recording –40 or lower temperatures

But this evening, parts of Saskatchewan including Melfort-Tisdale-Niipawin-Carrot River, Cree Lake, and Regina, will see wind chills of –40 to –45 before the winds taper off and become lighter.

Bitterly cold Arctic air combined with moderate west winds have resulted in extreme which chills of –45 to –50 across much of northern Ontario, Environment Canada said. Some areas may experience wind chills of –55, with the extreme cold likely to last into Thursday.

Meanwhile, southern Quebec is also being chilled. Places like Saguenay could see temperatures plummet to –27, and a wind chill of –38. Chibougamau could record a wind chill of –40 this evening. 

The frigid air combined with moderate winds will cause extreme wind chill values at least until Wednesday morning, Environment Canada said, adding that the cold air will remain over the province for much of the week.