01/01/2014 07:19 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:52 EST

14 Reasons Why 2014 Will Be Awesome For Travel (PHOTOS)


It’s a fresh new year and with it comes a slew of reasons why you should travel and see the world via planes, trains and automobiles. Whether you stick close to home or venture off to far-flung exotic locales, you’ll find your mind and spirit through travel.

It’s not a bunch of psycho mumbo jumbo. Research backs it up.

Employees who take time off are more productive and have better morale. They're less prone to burnout, too, according to a research by the Society for Human Resources Management. Taking off to a new place also stimulates your brain, especially if challenged by a new language, listening to different types of music and meeting new people.

And chances are you’ll be more active when you’re not glued behind a desk or a computer. Climb the Spanish Steps in Rome to tone your calves or soak up healthy doses of vitamin D while you swim up to the swim-up bar at an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean. It’s all good for you.

Take some inspiration from what’s in store for 2014: blockbuster museums opening, new, must-see attractions, events of epic proportions and anniversaries of famous dead people (like Shakespeare).

How much will you love to travel in 2014? Let us count the ways -- 14 to be exact.

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