01/02/2014 01:55 EST | Updated 01/23/2014 10:52 EST

Marriage Causes Weight Gain, Study Finds

Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

Saying "I do" could have an impact on your waistline, according to a survey conducted in the U.K. by Forza Supplements and reported by the Daily Mail.

Of the 1,000 people polled for the study, a majority admitted to growing heavier since tying the knot. For 40% of respondents, weight gain occurred at a rate of 4lbs per year on average.

While 22 per cent of those surveyed reported gaining 2lbs annually since entering marriage, nearly as many respondents said they gained a whopping 6lbs per year.

Somewhat reassuringly, almost a fifth of those surveyed (18 per cent) indicated that they had not seen a change on the scales.

When asked to explain the reasons behind their sudden weight gain, over 50 per cent of respondents who had become heavier since their wedding day confessed that they spent more time snacking together in front of the TV. A majority of respondents also indicated feeling less pressure to maintain a slim figure once they had settled into the commitment of marriage.

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