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High On Life SundayFundayz Crew Keeps Lunching Vancouver Strangers Company (VIDEO)

In any big city, it's easy to feel alone—even if you're surrounded by people. Especially in today's digital-obsessed age, we often forget about the simple pleasures found in face-to-face contact.

But not all of us.

High On Life Sundayfundayz, a Vancouver-based clothing and entertainment company, took it upon themselves to keep solo strangers company while they ate lunch.

Chatting up men and women, both young and old, High On Life turned their interactions into a video posted Dec. 14, shining a spotlight on Vancouver's soft side and demonstrating the simple yet powerful value of human connection.

Going one step further than simply sitting and chatting, the crew surprised strangers with candles, sparkling apple juice, and flowers in a vase for some added ambiance.

As Ryker Gamble, one of the guys in the video, says to a smiling stranger: "I want to make you feel special every day."

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